Consultation for Transponder Mandatory Zone



Consultation for Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ)​ Consultation for Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ)​

​DONG Energy wishes to develop an extension to the existing Walney Offshore Wind Farm and is proposing changes to the airspace over this area, in the form of a Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ). The presence of the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm would affect BAESystems Warton Aerodrome flying and Air Traffic Services (ATS) operations thereby requiring a change to the arrangements and procedures in the immediate airspace surrounding the Morecambe Bay Offshore Wind Farms.



The proposed airspace change will ensure airspace efficiency and effectiveness are maintained, for all users, and that the impacts of the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm on Warton flying and ATS operations are mitigated.

DONG Energy has contacted aviation consultees, including the Ministry of Defence, local airfields, offshore helicopter operators, and private General Aviation pilots, and non-aviation consultees such as local councils and environmental organisations. DONG Energy is also seeking feedback on the proposal from the general public so that all consultees are considered and their opinions are represented when the proposal is submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for the regulatory decision. DONG Energy therefore invites you to read the consultation document provided below and to respond with your comments to the proposal. The consultation document is designed to fully explain why these changes are necessary and what the changes will entail. Maps showing the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm and geographical extent of the proposed TMZ are also available. You can write to DONG Energy using the contact information below. For email responses, we would be grateful if you can please make the subject of your email "Walney Extension Consultation" and this will assist us in dealing with your response as quickly as possible.


Postal Address: Osprey CSL (Walney Extension Consultation), The Forge, Bentley, Hampshire, GU10 5HY

The deadline for consultation is 11 January 2015 and to ensure everyone's opinion can be heard, DONG Energy kindly asks you to respond in advance of this date.


Should you have any queries, a list of frequently asked questions is provided in the first instance. If this does not address your questions, you can contact DONG Energy through Osprey for further information using the contact details above.

Further details of the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm airspace change proposal will be published on this website in due course. Please check the website for further updates.