About Walney ExtensionAbout Walney Extension

‚ÄčThe Walney Extension offshore wind farm was awarded an agreement for lease by the Crown Estate on 11 May 2010 to develop an extension to the existing Walney I and II Offshore Wind Farm.

‚ÄčThe proposed Walney Extension offshore wind farm is located approximately 19km west-southwest from the Isle of Walney in Cumbria, 26km southwest from the Millom coast, 35km northwest from the Fleetwood and Blackpool coast and 31km southwest from the Isle of Man.

With a potential installed capacity of 660MW, the proposed offshore wind farm covers an area of up to 149km2 and consists of wind turbines, foundations, inter array cables, offshore and onshore export cables within an 'export cable corridor' and offshore and onshore substations which will connect the Project to the National Grid.